English Keyboard Stickers

Color keyboard stickers for English US / UK keyboard layout in various colors (44 keys in a set).

Keyboard stickers for English US / American and UK / British keyboard layout, designed for English character set.

Whether your original keyboard does not have English letters, your keys are worn off, or you want to learn Dvorak keyboard and replace standard QWERTY keyboard layout for better typing ergonomics, these English keyboard stickers will be a quick and economic solution for you. No need to worry about replacing the whole keyboard you got so used to!
We guarantee:
  • Clean keyboard after application and removal
  • Permanent print protected from sudden wear-off with special coating
  • Easy to attach and remove with included map using Pick-Stick™ applicator provided
  • Transparent matt key tops leave no glare and don't destroy original keyboard look!
  • Broad color range both for dark and white-colored keyboards
Suitable for both desktop and laptop keys. Dark colors best fit white or cream keyboards, light colors are designed for black keyboards. Red and orange are suitable for all keyboard colors.
All keyboard labels and accessories ship internationally.

* All keyboard sticker products have full 30 day money-back worldwide guarantee.
Picture of English Keyboard Stickers (Silver)
English Keyboard Stickers (Silver)
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