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Translit Online for Microsoft Office (FREE)
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Transliteration - works with emails, documents, web pages, forums and all other Latin-translit content typed as Roman text.

  • Open Research pane
  • Click Research Options...
  • Click Add Services
  • Paste web service link:
  • Click Add button
  • Configure service settings


Transliteration from Russian, Hebrew, Hindi, Greek, Arabic to English and back takes one click. No need to break your eyes against Ruglish, Hebrish, Greeklish or Arabish.
Cyrillic Translit

Select your transliteration text (Latin characters, often referred to as Greeklish, Ruglish, Hebrish, Arabish, etc), right-click and choose Look Up command from the context menu (as shown on the top picture). This brings up Office Research Pane. Make sure you have ( Transliteration web service selected from the drop-down services list. Russian translit example on the left displays transliteration result for the original email text in English. Click Insert Text button on Research Pane, and English text will be replaced with Russian transliteration.

Translit email


  • Works in email preview
  • Direct use from email
  • Results preview & clipboard
  • No download/installation
  • No need for upgrades -
    always latest translit logic


  • Microsoft Office 2003
  • Internet connection

Tranlist is accessible from Microsoft Office 2003 / 2007 Research Pane available in Word, Outlook, and even Internet Explorer. No local installation - just connect to the online translit service same as you do with language dictionaries, and experience the simplicity of reading transliteration...

Transliteration types: Russian, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Greek, Latin translit supported.

To enable transliteration functionality in Internet Explorer, click the Research button icon. Click Research Options, then click Add Services button, and enter service location as shown above.

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Keyboard stickers will keep you from being bored by scripting your language in Latin, and the above transliteration service will properly resolve all possible encodings you might get from others...

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