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Korean Keyboard Stickers - Korean Keyboard

Korean Keyboard Stickers

My keytops look cool with:
White Keyboard Stickers
(for black keys)
Learning Korean language? Moving to another country? Type Korean fast with Korean Keyboard Stickers!
  • Clean keyboard, 100% permanent print
  • Easy to attach & remove, map included
  • Unique coating protects from abrasion
  • Transparent matt key tops ?no glare!
  • Broad color range: now from $6.99!
Korean Keyboard Stickers fit desktop & laptop keys.
All keyboard labels and accessories ship internationally.
* Keyboard stickers have full 30 day money-back guarantee worldwide.
List: $14.99Our: $6.99
Korean Keyboard Stickers
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Black Keyboard Stickers
(for white keys)
List: $14.99Our: $6.99
Korean Keyboard Stickers
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Blue Keyboard Stickers
(for white keys)
List: $14.99Our: $9.99
Korean Keyboard Stickers
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Yellow Keyboard Stickers
(for black keys)
List: $14.99Our: $9.99
Korean Keyboard Stickers
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Orange Keyboard Stickers
(for any keys)
List: $14.99Our: $9.99
Korean Keyboard Stickers
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Red Keyboard Stickers
(for all keys)
Out of stock
Korean Keyboard Stickers
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Korean (Hangul) Keyboards: Historical Language Background

Korean (Hangul Dubeolshik) keyboard labels have been carefully designed for the Korean alphabet. We wanted to share some background facts on Korean language...

Korean language has no demonstrable relationship with other living languages and forms its own language family, however sometimes it is being treated as a part of Altaic languages (Central Asian languages). The alphabet and writing system for Korean language is Hangul. Hangul was developed by the king Sejong the Great in early 1444 in order to make the language easier for common people to learn comparing to the Chinese language.

After declaring independence from Japan, Hangul is being used as the official writing system. Korean language is the primary language of about 80 million people worldwide, including large groups of the United States, former Soviet Union, and Japan.

The most common keyboard layout in South Korea is Dubeolshik Hangul. One Ha/En key is dedicated to switch between Hangul and English, and there's another one for Hanja input type. Vowels and consonants are separately located on different sides of the Dubeolshik Hangul keyboard layout.

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