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Hindi Keyboard Stickers - Hindi Keyboard

Hindi Keyboard Stickers

My keytops look cool with:
White Keyboard Stickers
(for dark keys)
Learning Hindi language? Moving to another country? Type Hindi fast with Hindi Keyboard Stickers!
  • Clean keyboard, 100% permanent print
  • Easy to attach & remove, map included
  • Unique coating protects from abrasion
  • Transparent matt key tops ?no glare!
  • Broad color range: now from $6.99!
Hindi Keyboard Stickers fit desktop & laptop keys.
All keyboard labels and accessories ship internationally.
* Keyboard stickers have full 30 day money-back guarantee worldwide.
List: $14.99Our: $6.99
Hindi Keyboard Stickers
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Blue Keyboard Stickers
(for white keys)
List: $14.99Our: $6.99
Hindi Keyboard Stickers
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Orange Keyboard Stickers
(for any keys)
List: $14.99Our: $9.99
Hindi Keyboard Stickers
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Yellow Keyboard Stickers
(for dark keys)
List: $14.99Our: $9.99
Hindi Keyboard Stickers
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Red Keyboard Stickers
(for white keys)
List: $14.99Our: $9.99
Hindi Keyboard Stickers
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Devanagari Keyboards: Hindi/Sanskrit Language, Alphabet

Hindi keyboard labels have been carefully designed for the Hindi language. We wanted to share some background facts on Hindi/Devanagari alphabet...

Hindi, a mother tongue of 180 million Indian speakers, is an official language of the Republic of India, and the second most widely spoken language in the world after Chinese. Hindi evolved from the Indo-Aryan prakrit languages of the middle ages, formal vocabulary is borrowed from Sanskrit. Has four varieties: Hindi, Urdu, Rekhta, Dakhini. The number of Hindi speakers around the world makes up 366 million people who use Hindi as a first language, and 487 million including second language users.

Devanagari is a script used to write Hindi, Nepali, and several other languages, including Sanskrit, Marathi, Kashmiri, Sindhi. Originally derived from the Indian Gupta script, it also inherits from a Brahmi script originating in 500 BC. Indian keyboards on manual typewriters for Indian languages were based on a minimal set of consonants, vowels, and vowel extensions (namely matras), that were necessary to write or type Hindi text.

Devanagari alphabet for Hindi:


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