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Glowing Keyboard Stickers - Glowing Keyboards, Luminous Keyboards

Glowing Keyboard Stickers - English

Gain extra-vision with:
Glowing Keyboard Stickers
(44 in set, for dark keys)
Glowing keyboard stickers give a magic look to your keyboard in the dark! Great for dark rooms and gamers.
  • Keyboard stickers glow-in-the-dark!
  • Self-charge from external light
  • Fit any type of desktop/laptop keyboard
  • Standard white stickers during the day
  • Black opaque film, clean removal
Compatible with Dworak and Qwerty layouts. Redefine your layout or renew worn-off keytop letters.
List: $14.99Our: $11.99
Glowing Keyboard Stickers - English
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Fluorescent Stickers
(48 in set, for all keys)
List: $14.99Our: $11.99
Glowing Keyboard Stickers - English
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Extra-high luminosity keyboard stickers manufactured on professional-grade fluorescent films used for road signs!
  • Glowing keyboard in reflected monitor light
  • No recharges: work just like deflectors on your bike
  • "Cop approved" - police use them in patrol cars!
  • Thin, opaque film. Wear-proof keyboard imprint
  • Big symbols - excellent for people with LOW VISION
  • Clean adhesive, easy to attach and remove
This unique product is not available anywhere else!
Keyboard stickers are compatible with all keyboards.

Glowing keyboard stickers accumulate ambient light and slowly release it when in the dark. Look at the picture to see how regular key letters differ from our stickers... Thin black matt film surface is used - this makes stickers almost unnoticeable when applied to the keyboard.

When put in the dark, keyboard stickers begin emitting the light which will allow you to type efficiently and work in the environments where the original keyboard letters are completely invisible. Keyboard layout map is also included in the package for easy application.

(glowing keyboard) Glowing keyboard

No other keyboard can have better visibility than the ReflexStiq?one. This shining piece of highly fluorescent material brings noticeability to all keyboard keys that you tried so hard to discover in the dark room. It is truly luminous!

Enlarged symbols and distinctive colors make typing straightforward in low-light condition or for people with low vision. See what others can't with a set of ReflexStiq?stickers. Stickers can also be used to replace worn-off keyboard keys.

(fluorescent keyboard)
Fluorescent keyboard

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